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dr adam rudkin

Cataract and Vitreo-Retinal Surgeon

Dr Adam Rudkin is a vitreoretinal surgeon and director and founder of Specialist Eye Glenelg, a retinal clinic based in Adelaide. Dr Rudkin is a fellow of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Retinal Specialists (ANZSRS).

He started his professional career in ophthalmology as a registrar in Adelaide. Subsequently, he has worked as a vitreoretinal fellow in the largest retinal centre in Toronto, Canada.

He is an author of over 20 ophthalmic publications, covering a diverse number of fields including developing world health, epiretinal membranes and vascular arterial diseases.



ophthalmic surgeon (ophthalmologist)

Dr Jaz Aujla is a comprehensive ophthalmic surgeon (ophthalmologist) based in Adelaide with subspecialty fellowship training in retinal eye conditions. Dr Aujla is a Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) and on completion of his final fellowship examinations was awarded the Gold Medal for Excellence (K. G. Howsam Medal) in 2019. This medal is awarded to the most outstanding candidate in the final exit examinations across Australia & New Zealand.

Originally from Brisbane, Dr Aujla completed his medical degree at the University of Queensland in 2012. He then relocated to South Australia for ophthalmology training. During training, he worked in the Northern Territory (Darwin and Alice Springs) as well as all major public hospitals in Adelaide. He then completed a subspecialty fellowship in Medical Retina at the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Dr Aujla enjoys training and supervising junior doctors and students, thus in addition to private practice, he holds public positions as a Visiting Medical Specialist at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and is a Clinical Associate Lecturer at the Adelaide Medical School, University of Adelaide.




Russell Todd is a registered optometrist, and at Specialist Eye Golden Grove he is involved in initial assessments, reviews following surgery and in follow-up care of established patients.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry from the University of Auckland in 1997 and has practiced in New Zealand and Tasmania, and lived in South Australia since 2014. Since attaining a post-graduate certificate from the University of Melbourne in 2006, he has also been able to prescribe ocular medications. Special clinical interests include the management of acute eye disease and improving the co-ordination between eye and health care providers.

Married with three children, he lives on the north of Adelaide with a greyhound, a golden retriever puppy and about 50,000 bees.



John has been working as an optometrist for over 12 years and has worked mainly in the north eastern suburbs in Adelaide, and also has experience working in Queensland, Western Australia, remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and in Papua New Guinea.

John graduated from Queensland University of Technology in 2007 with honours in a Bachelor of Applied Science (Optometry), and furthered his studies with a Post-graduate Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics completed in 2015 at the University of New South Wales.

Since 2013 John has also regularly worked at the Royal Society for the Blind, where he assists vision impaired patients. John has an interest in clinical optometry and eye disease co-management, and enjoys educating and caring for his patients.



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